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5 Ways to Introduce Audiobooks to Your Kids

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Do you love audiobooks but don't think your kids will? You'd be amazed.

After hearing all the benefits of listening to audiobooks at a young age, I decided to give it a try with my 2-year-old. One afternoon while we were doing puzzles, I started playing a picture book that she already knew. After the book finished (it was only 5 minutes long), she looked up at me and said, "Where did my story go?"

I was so surprised. Had she really been listening the whole time? She recognized the story and wanted to play it over and over again.

Here are few ideas to get the ball rolling with your kids:

Have you tried audiobooks with your kids? What's working? What are your challenges?

We love listening to books on Storier. There are so many short stories for 2-year-olds, but also many chapter books for elementary aged kids. It's an easy way to get started!

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