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Kids get shy when they read? Try this.

Do your kids get shy when asked to read? Maybe they outright refuse to read, to the point of them throwing tantrums or completely hiding. Some parents have seen it all.

There are a myriad of reasons some kids might not like to read - but some of the most important ones might not be what you are thinking. For example, it is likely that it is NOT because your kid just wants to watch a show, and it is certainly NOT because your kid does not care to learn...

We know that our kids minds are sponges - and that the love to learn, yet "reading avoidance", as it is known in academic literature, commonly creates challenges in the home.

Research has shown that many kids struggle to read not because of the relationship they have with their book, but because of the relationship they have with their peers (yes, parents included). Specifically, kids often feel they will be negatively perceived by others when they have to read out loud. They fear they will be judged if they are a slower reader than their peers, or if they show any hint (or a blatant demonstration) of a speech impediment, or maybe they will just look "dumb" for mispronouncing a word. The pressure they feel can be very real.

Fortunately, studies have suggested there is a solution to expose kids to literature in a judgment free way that not only expands their vocabulary and overall cognition, but also improves their ability to read out loud.

Yup, you've guessed it: Audio stories.

This includes audiobooks, podcasts, and any type of storytelling. The real beauty here, however, is that your kids hearing new words improves their vocabulary independent of - or in addition to - reading the words.

With kids audiobooks and podcasts, kids pick up on pattern in speech, how words are pronounced and annunciated, and learn the meaning of words. With audio content, because the kids are purely listening, they can destroy some of the stigmas associated with "poor" readers.

Wondering where to get started? Check out Storier - the largest curation or kids-only audiobooks, podcasts, and music. Do it now and you will get your first 30 days free, and you will see that your kids will finally be excited to read!

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