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What is

Hello! I know what you're asking... Does the world really need another blog about kids and their use of technology? Well, we deeply believe it needs... something.

We believe this because kids are spending more time than ever glued to screens, and it is having a increasingly pronounced impact on attention spans, privacy, risk of depression, obesity, failing grades, bullying, and social interaction abilities.

So we need something...

  • Something to inspire ways to help kids break the bonds of screens.

  • Something that serves as a community to allow parents to connect and share tech-safe kid ideas in a judgement free setting.

  • Something to help kids who lack confidence or are struggling with their personal development.

  • Something to help parents discover and share the data and science behind adolescent use of technology (both the good and the bad).

  • Something to motivate parents to do their part in raising a new stalwart generation.

You get the idea... Perhaps a blog and community on is only a part of the solution - but hey, progress is progress.

Importantly, we believe a blog and online community/safe house of sorts can simplify the way the people who will have the greatest impact on the kids of today and tomorrow consume content. We believe those people are you and me. Specifically, parents (and grandparents or other guardians).

We also believe that as technology proliferates that there are tremendous benefits to be had for our children. It isn't all gloomy, and as such, we hope to use this platform to share the brighter side of what technology can offer our children.

For example, proper uses of technology can assist with learning, can inspire through storytelling, and can challenge through mentally strenuous tasks. With, we hope people will bring ideas to the table of how to help our kids better use technology. is made possible due to, a company that specializes in building screen-free educational and entertaining audiobooks, podcasts, and music for kids aged 0-12. It is, for comparison's sake, a much less expensive version of Audible, but without all of the adult-grade sexual or criminal content.

Signing up for Storier is the best way to support

Thanks for joining our community.

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